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what can I submit?

In These Uncertain Times a blackout poem
we feature:
  • poetry

  • short fiction

  • drama

  • creative nonfiction

  • analytic essays

  • alternative journalism

  • sketches

  • drawings

  • cartoons

  • prints


"In These Uncertain Times" a blackout poem taken from a Coca-Cola COVID Commercial

by Elise Sanders

Featured in "quarterlife is quarantine"

and any other sort of work that whitman students might create!

“Oh darling, look how much you’ve grown!” 

by Cailin Bloom

Featured in "quarterlife is for the kids"

if you want to see some examples of student work:


"Maggie’s Ferocious Beast "

by Alexa Lim

Featured in "quarterlife is for the kids"

There but not there for insurance reason

the theme of quarterlife's next issue is: 

"there (but not here, for insurance reasons)" by Elie Flanagan

Featured in "quarterlife is for the kids"

quarterlife is:

The Frog Prince--Hannah Marker.jpg

how do I submit?

"The Frog Prince" by Hannah Marker

Featured in "quarterlife is amphibious"

quarterlife accepts submissions by email at:

When you submit your art or writing to us, please include the following information in your message to us:

  1. your name

  2. the title(s) of your submission(s)

  3. your school email

  4. your submission(s) as attachments

quarterlife filled email Real.JPG
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